Monday, 23 January 2017

Ei-con 2017 - 24-26 March

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What is the Ei-con?

The Ei-con is the annual Role Playing Game (RPG) event organized by LSSV Het Duivelsei. We'll convene in Leiden, at the Pelikaanhof.

What's the admission?

Single session admission
Single session admission (Duivelsei members)
Single session admission for GMs
Free (obviously), plus attend 1 session for free for every session you hosted
Weekend pass

What are RPGs?

An RPG is a game where the Game Master (GM) has prepared an adventure, and you're playing a character who’ll go on that adventure. You and the other players make choices on how to best deal with the obstacles presented in the scenario, and the GM then describes the results of the choices you made.
Multiple RPG systems will be played and you will have the choice between preparing a character of your own beforehand, or choose one pre-generated for you by the GM.
If you have never played RPGs before, no worries! We'll be happy to explain how it works!

What RPGs will be played?

In the navigation bar on top of the page you can find most RPGs that will be played, together with a short description.

You can also find a list here:
Some RPGs aren’t featured on this site. Our Warhorn page offers a complete and up-to-date overview. On Warhorn, you can also find out more about what adventures will be played! 

How can I sign up?

You have to use Warhorn to enlist at the event page of the Ei-con. This handy website offers a complete overview of the sessions for Ei-con 2017!
If you have problems using Warhorn, here’s a quick guide that can hopefully help you out.
If you have more questions, you can reach us on the contact page.